Profile, registration and login

Click on the button login/register to find the option ‘I forgot my password’.
As a user you can change your personal information at any given moment. Go to ‘my profile’ (find under menu) and make your changes. If you get invited to a new event ZmoolTool makes it possible to edit your profile especially for that specific event.
That’s really easy. Click on ‘account’ in the menu and choose ‘settings’. Scroll down for the option to delete your account.
We promise: ZmoolTool doesn’t do spam or advertise. Even so, if you’d rather not receive any push notifications from us, it’s easy to unsubscribe using the link you’ll find at the bottom of the invitation email.
ZmoolTool is especially devised for smartphones, but works just as well on other mobile devices or desk tops. Log in via

Organise events

If ZmoolTool fits your needs depends on the kind of event you’re organising. Most people invite guests to events using email, a written invitation or by inviting them to register online. ZmoolTool provides something more: it’s an online, handy ‘face file’ that makes it really easy for your guests to get to know each other before your event takes place. ZmoolTool makes socializing during events where you don’t know anyone a whole lot easier to connect - and it’s a lot more fun!
That’s up to you. Our tip: don’t send your invitations too early. Guests who haven’t registered but have been invited, automatically receive a reminder a week beforehand. Guests can create and/or update a profile during an event and up till seven days after it has taken place.
Yes. ZmoolTool allows you one opportunity to change the date of your event and you can do this for up to 90 days.
As soon as someone accepts an invitation, their photo appears in your overview. If you don’t know for sure if somebody has received their invitation, go to ‘edit this event’. As you will then see, every invitee has an icon. A checkmark means the invitation has already been accepted. An envelope means you’ve sent the invitation. Two cartoon characters means ’not yet sent’. You can send the invitation by pressing the button ’send invitations’ which you’ll find at the bottom of the previous page.
To make sure your guests or participants aren’t sent unwanted emails, you can only send an invitation once. Every invitee who hasn’t viewed their invitation is sent a reminder by ZmoolTool a week before your event is hosted. If you really want to send an invitation again, you have to delete the invitee from your list and then add him or her back to the list again.
You bet! And it’s super easy. All you have to do is fill in the start and end date when creating your event. Multiday events in ZmoolTool can last up to 90 days.
As an organiser you can always change and/or delete your information. After each change we’ll ask you if you want to send your guests an email to inform them of the changes made. It’s up to you if you do or don’t. Our tip: only use this possibility if the changes made are really important, for example a change in the start time or a change of venue. Make changes to your event by clicking on ‘edit’ in your event.
By clicking on ‘event’ and ‘edit’ you can constantly change or upgrade your event. You can make changes up to seven days after the event has started. This could be handy, for instance to enable guests to create a profile and introduce themselves with a view to networking. Events ‘shut down’ seven days after they’ve taken place. Changes are then no longer possible.
Go to ‘Event’ and click on ‘edit’. Be aware that if you remove someone we’ll ask you if you wish to notify that person in case they’ve already accepted the invitation. If they haven’t and they do decide to accept, they’ll receive an email that the event has been cancelled.
Being visible in ZmoolTool isn’t a must. We don’t want your guests to feel pressured by us! For this reason we send no more than one automatic email reminder to guests who have been invited to an event but haven’t yet replied. If you feel this isn’t enough you’re of course absolutely free to send your guests an email using the ZmoolTool app.
No, this isn't neccesary. As an organizer your profile picture is automatically attached to your event.
This is because you have invited yourself using the same email address. This isn’t necessary. As you are the organizer your profilepicture is automatically attached to your event. If you wish to you can delete the event from the section ´received'.

Receiving invitations

The organiser of an event has the right to make changes to the guest list and the invitations being sent out or to cancel without further expanation.
An invitation is strictly personal. If you lose your invitation you’ll have to contact the person who invited you. He or she is the only person permitted to send out invitations.
Because of the exclusivity and seclusion of the group you’re not meant to pass your invitation - which has been sent to you exclusively - on to someone else. Of course you can always ask the event organiser if he or she is willing to send out an extra invitation to the person you have in mind.
If you don’t want your profile to keep appearing in the ZmoolTool face file for the event you’ve been invited to, just remove the event from your list of events. Drag and drop it in the ZmoolTool trash can.
Seven days after an event has ended the network for the event is automatically disconnected. From then on you can’t make any more changes or new registrations. You may want to keep the online face file on your smart phone, that’s definitely possible. Or you can delete it. If you don’t want others to remain in possession of your profile photo and personal information, just drag and drop the event in the trash can. As soon as you’ve done this, others won’t be able to view your profile anymore when they click on the ZmoolTool app.
ZmoolTool differs from other online networks because it is secluded and only in use for a limited amount of time. You share a face file exclusively with other people who get invited to the same event. It’s possible to delete information at any given time. ZmoolTool uses your email address for no other purpose than to build a temporary network. We don’t do ads and we promise not to use your information for marketing purposes.
The event organiser will want you to register asap, so that everyone can benefit from the online face file for an event as long as possible. But if you forget to register you don’t have to panic because ZmoolTool allows you to register on the day of the event and even up to seven days after the event has ended. Click on the link in your invitation email to download ZmoolTool in the app stores. Just make a selfie with your phone and upload your photo to your ZmoolTool profile. Networking made easier!

Payment and upgrades

Our payment system is hooked up to payment service provider Icepay and is in sync with the highest financial standards for the web. That said, we can’t guarantee that there’ll never be a problem with our payment system. Please let us know if you experience problems by using the contact form on the ZmoolTool website and we’ll get right on to it to offer you a satisfying solution.
It’s really easy to upgrade a free ZmoolTool account or an account for 50 persons. Just open your event, click on ‘edit’ and ‘upgrade’.

Other questions

Send your question to us using the contact form on We’ll do our utmost to answer you as soon as possible. Do you have tips to make our app even better? Please let us know! If your question or request is urgent don’t forget to write down a phone number where we can reach you.
Especially for business users we have developed two comprehensive versions of ZmoolTool: ZmoolTool PRO and ZmoolTool@Work. ZmoolTool PRO is a brilliantly easy networking tool for business events, training courses and conferences. ZmoolTool PRO has a couple of extra features that are not only handy for organisers but also for every professional who has registered to attend. For instance: using the search function you can search for attendees by name or simply look them up under their company name. It’s also possible to browse through a LinkedIn profile using ZmoolTool PRO. Our PRO version allows organisers to provide (detailed) information, for instance about the programme for the day and also customize the app by adding the logo of their company or the event taking place. If your company or organisation organises ten or more events and training courses etc. a year, we offer you a subscription with a discount. Interested? Ask us all about it, we’ll be glad to fill you in! Get in contact with us, the quickest way is to fill in the contact form on ZmoolTool@Work is the permanent version of ZmoolTool and isn’t linked to a specific event or date. ZmoolTool@Work is a modern day app and the easiest and friendliest way to provide an online who’s who for your organisation. Are you tired of the incomplete and outdated company address book in your intranet? ZmoolTool@Work connects colleagues providing contact information they can tap into it 24/7! Subscribe to ZmoolTool@Work and custumize the app with your company logo. Need more information? Check out our website and get in contact!
You bet! We offer two possibilities to choose from. ZmoolTool@Work is a permanent online face file and address book that includes and presents everyone working in your organisation. It’s a 3.0 version of (more often than not incomplete) intranet address books. ZmoolTool@Work comes equipped with your company logo and works as a stand alone, webbased app. Read more about ZmoolTool@Work here. It’s possible to make a specialised version of ZmoolTool@Work, for instance completely in style with your corporate identity and / or with extra logo’s and sponsor names. If you have any questions or would like more information about costs etc., please send us a mail via
Yes, there is. It’s called ZmoolTool@Work. You can subscribe to this app that makes it really easy to connect with colleagues in the workplace and know who’s who within the organisation. Great for fast growing companies and virtually every organisation with more than a handful of workers. ZmoolTool@Work enables users to phone colleagues or email them directly through the app. ZmoolTool@Work is ultra user friendly so you can easily delete or add profile photo’s and information about personnel. ZmoolTool@Work is an app that stays in sync with the real time situation in the workplace! Read up on ZmoolTool@Work here.